The OmniFi APIs supports two modes of authentication Basic, and Windows. The availability of each authentication mode can be configured by the system administrator.

Basic authentication

Basic authentication involves passing user password credentials in the request HTTP header and is useful for accessing the API from scripts and interfaces, or when the client is not in the same domain as the API service.

Most client applications e.g. the Edge web browser or Microsoft PowerBI supports basic authentication natively and will display a login screen when challenged with an authentication request from the API server.

If you are using the API from a custom script, append a value to the HTTP GET request header:


AUTH is a string on the form user:password, Base64 encoded.

Windows authentication

Windows authentication is convenient and secure to use with client tools that support it, e.g. MS Power BI. Please refer to the documentation of your tool to determine whether Windows authentication is available for your tool.

Windows authentication is available only for OmniFi accounts of type Windows Account in OmniFi admin.