Execution Results

Having executed a Standard ETL pipeline task, the History tab contains the result, with log files for the various steps.

Task log contains execution details and audit trail

Task log contains execution details and audit trail

Executing instead a Backdating task, the backdating set configured for the time series model is executed first to provide input to the execution. The output of the Backdating job is used to generate additional executions of the ETL pipeline, all of which are collected under the same task log.

You can download execution logs and view data from each step directly in the browser. The Parameters data view shows data from the initial backdating run, whereas extract and load data views show extracted data and how that data was merged into the database table respectively.


Incremental models accumulate data as-is directly int the table. Data isn't merged, and therefore the load data is the same as the extract data. For incremental models, only the View Extract Result option is available.