Running an Interface

Interface runs as a command line tool and all available options can be displayed by running it with the –h flag.

You can also get information for a specific interface by using the –h flag in combination with –I (which specifies the interface to run). For example:

Interface.exe -h -I MyInterface
Interface parameters:
        (M) [String] Portfolio (=null)

In the output, as shown above, you will find a list of parameters that need to be defined. In this example, we can see that this interface has a mandatory parameter Portfolio that we need to specify.

Before running the interface, you need to encrypt the password you intend to use with the –E flag as shown below. This is because the application does not accept any clear text passwords for security reasons.

interface.exe -E
Password encryption mode. Enter a password to encrypt
interface -U fk -P BepSYVqyP+ZxzV8dHeyLUA== -S w8_dev -I MyInterface --Portfolio BENCHEQ –o C:\Interface.csv

Note that all individual arguments starting with a ‘-‘ character are considered argument name. To input an argument value starting with a ‘-‘ character, escape it with a ‘\’, e.g.

-Offset \-2

If the argument value starts with the sequence “-“, prepend the escape character, e.g.

-Argument \\-value