OmniFi Access

The OmniFi Access query type allows you to query the custom data OData API in OmniFi Access.


The OmniFi Access query is designed to work with the OmniFi Access OData implementation. It can also be used to query Entity Sets and Unbound Functions from other OData sources.

To create a new OmniFi Access query in the Query Configuration Wizard, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select Query Type

Select the OmniFi Access query type from the list of data sources and optionally specify a name and output destination in the the top half of the Options page.

Step 2: Configure connection

The default OmniFi Access instance is accessible in the drop-down.


Selecting Service URL

Step 3: Select Object to Query

With a valid URL configured, select a snapshot or function to query. Any parameters will be listed in the parameters section.


Step 4: Configure authentication

You can configure authentication in the Advanced section;

  1. Current User
    Uses the current login user to authenticate with OmniFi Access. Generally use this if you are querying the default OmniFi Access instance. Note that credentials are not saved. If you share your report workbook or publish it on Web, the query will run with the end user login credentials.
  2. Password
    Uses Basic authentication with a set user and password. Use this if you need the query to run with the same credentials regardless of who runs it.
  3. Windows
    Authenticates with the current Windows credentials. Use this if supported by the service, or as needed.

In the advanced section you can also set a query timeout. The default value is 2 minutes, however if the query is expected to take longer you can increase it.