OmniFi Web is a platform for publishing, running, scheduling, viewing and distributing OmniFi reports.

Reports are published on the portal and by scheduling them you can distribute them to consumers, either via email or via exported file. Users can also view and download the latest report information from the browser using only a web browser, without the need for any additional software.

Access and management is centrally administered, allowing central control over the information flow.


Out of the many concepts and features in OmniFi Web, three are important to know about; Report, task and schedule.

  • Reports describes what to do. A report is built in Reporting module and contained within an Excel workbook. A report is published to the portal and can be run ad-hoc or scheduled.
  • Tasks describes how to run the report. What parameters (portfolio, dates etc.) should be used to run the report, as well as who can access the output and instructions for email distribution.
  • Schedules describes when to run the report. A report can of course be run ad-hoc, but also scheduled to be timely available when you need it.