Python development environment

Developer permission

To effectively develop and test extensions you will need the Extension/Developer permission. It allows you to modify and run any installed extension, even if those that haven’t been approved and published to end users.

The Extension/Developer permission is assigned by your system administrator.

Configuring a Python shell

While developing an extension, it is far easier and faster to test the extension directly from the command line than to start OmniFi. You can set up a shell for testing by setting the environment variables PATH, PYTHON_HOME and PYTHONPATH. What precisely to set each variable to depends on your installation as well as what python version you have chosen, for example:

  • set PYTHON_HOME=C:\Python\Python36_x64
  • set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Python\Python36_x64
  • set PYTHONPATH= C:\Python\Python36_x64;C:\Python\Python36_x64\Scripts;C:\Python\Python36_x64\Lib;C:\Python\Python36_x64\Lib\site-packages;

It is important to include the plugin root directory in the PYTHON path variable, as it is required to load the OmniFi python API libraries.