Keyboard Commands

Autotest can largely be controlled without a mouse using only the keyboard. There are keyboard shortcuts both for specific views as well as general shortcuts applicable to a several views.

General keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard commandAction
Control-OOpen repository or test plan.
Control-SSave the current configuration.
Control-Shift-SSave all configuration
Control-MOpen/close row context menu for selected item
Control-NNew item
Control-TabCycle between open views
F1Open help
F2Edit selected item/record
F5Refresh focused view
EscapeCancel edit
EnterCommit edit
DeleteDelete selected item/items

Test Plan keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard commandAction
Control-EExecute selected branch.
Control-DDuplicate selected branch
Control-Shift-DOpens the Multi-Duplicate tool dialog
Control-Right/LeftExpand/Collapse current branch
EnterShow Configuration view for the current item
DeleteDelete selected item/branch.

Files keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard commandAction
Control-EEdit selected file
Control-IView a copy of the current file
Control-DDuplicate selected files
Control-RReload parameters of selected files (after editing)
Control-Right/LeftExpand/Collapse current folder