The Configuration tab lets you configure basic properties of the task. You can also select a user to send an email to if the task should happen to fail. Additionally, you can provide credential to run the report with. By default, the credentials of the user that created the task are used.

  • Name - The name of the Task
  • Report - The report that the Task will execute
  • Schedule - The schedule linked to the Task that determines which recurrence the Task should be executed on
  • Error mail - A comma separated list of email addresses that will be sent an error notification if the task fails to run.
  • User name and Password - The OmniFi account to execute the report with. By default the task will execute with the account that was used to create the task. If you need to run the report under a different account, you can enter the details manually. This is often done to change the credentials to a batch user which has a non-expiring password.
  • Comment - Optional notes for documenation.


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